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  1. Stockfish Engines Ratings? motion ah thank you andonuts, so thats the reason, the blitz as usual.
  2. Stockfish Engines Ratings? motion I have the same opinion by some reason their number is higher than the […]
  3. Stockfish Engines Ratings? andonuts It's probably a matter of time controls. If I remember correctly, Stoc […]
  4. Stockfish Engines Ratings? rayraynewton I've been playing with computers lately to prepare for a tournament an […]
  5. Have trouble understanding a move please fikpatt And also at move 20 please. If you have time to address the other inac […]
  6. Have trouble understanding a move please fikpatt Hello all, Please I have trouble understanding a computer line shown- […]
  7. Sound bug Usolando Also there is no sound in the site when watching from smart tv, maybe […]
  8. Sound bug Vallen Hello, I dont know if anyone had noticed, but sounds in tactics tr […]
  9. Microsoft Edge support flugsio Yes, uninstall Edge and use chrome or give MS a patch that implements […]
  10. website name flugsio I like both, but lichess is easier to say and see no compelling reason […]
  11. Microsoft Edge support DarkVelocity I get the network error icon whilst using lichess on Microsoft Edge. S […]
  12. dutch "Simultaan" MoralIntentions […]
  13. It happens to the best of us James-Bond Hmm, just realized my wording for title made me sound a bit arrogant, […]
  14. It happens to the best of us James-Bond Ever had a good game you felt you played well? I just did and SF appro […]
  15. website name bluegene Hi, great job you gays, i have a suggestion, sound not to […]
  16. Why the "swiss" tourneys are d […] DunnoItAll Agree. I would actually consider playing in some swiss tournaments. […]
  17. Question for Masters jaotomschu difficult to say. The positional play was very bad, but at least black […]
  18. Search for a correspondence game Toscani I am looking for the last correspondence game I was just playing today […]
  19. Adding "use smartmove" into pl […] Cocky_Bishop there are no "smartmoves" (which enebles clicking a particular field t […]
  20. Opening 3219 bakunin how do you want to refute them?
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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